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Africa Thru My Eyes is a Social Enterprise that aims to unite Africans through the power of her unique stories. Storytelling is a language and a valuable communication tool to enlighten and preserve the memories and stories of our continent for future generations .

We believe in its ability to connect people and build bridges between diverse communities as sharing stories from different parts of Africa is sure to foster greater understanding, a stronger sense of pride of identity, empathy, and appreciation for the continent’s rich cultural diversity.

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We have faith in its capacity to unite people and create bridges between various communities because hearing tales from various parts of Africa will undoubtedly promote better understanding, a stronger sense of national identity, empathy, and an appreciation for the rich cultural diversity of the continent.

Africa Thru My Eyes is committed to the promotion of the many positive narratives of Africa and dispelling the negative stereotypes that often dominate mainstream media.

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Dr. Naomi Osemedua

Founder/ President

Mrs Nini-Okey Uche

Director of Strategic Planning and International Development

Mrs Emem Opashi

Director Of Education